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Well I've been babling around a lot about the 17th of February haven't I? No I'm not here telling you about the dress I ordered (and which will HOPEFULLY arrive here soon enough :( Though I think it wont be here before the end of November..) but I have another dress I must buy to that same event :D

After all of the dances I go to an afterparty wearing the same dress as in the dances. But for afterafterparty I need a NEW dress. I was thinking about something simple enough, but beautiful and stunning. No black, because black isn't a color that shows.. And something tight also, because tight means easy and comfortable! So well.. I havent got through other pages yet, but Nelly and ASOS SALE had quite nice things to offer.. I found three dresses that fit to my bank account and my cravings. So here they are:

1. Pretty and cute dress with a nice color. Looks comfortable enough. PAPRIKA 35.50€ Looks like a safe choice!

2.  This dress is very pretty and sexy. The color is stunning and it looks wonderful on the model. The cut on the side worries me though, because I don't know how it would end up looking on me. The fabric doesn't look so nice as in the first one, thugh I might be also wrong. Elise Ryan 35,95€

3.  Safe choice once again. Blue looks like my favorite color nowadays. Though my first dress (that you aren't gonna see hahaha) is blue also so I thought should I take something different than blue? And well the zipper looks good when it's not on the model. Or what do you think? Dry Lake 59,95€

1. Same dress as in but cheaper and different color. This one is 24,79€

 2. One-shoulder dress. Beautiful blue. Thought as I said before, my first dress is blue so what should I do? Rare 26,09€

 So people, help me out here :) I love every one of those dresses and probably will end up finding even more pretty dresses that I want to have :D So PLEASE help me or I'll starve for rest of the year to get money for all of the dresses I found and will find in future! :D




  1. the last one is stunning :)
    but I'm pretty sure you'll look beautiful in all of theese... :)


  2. I love it! Nice blog you have there :)


  3. En tiiä mikä mekko, ehkä eka tai sininen vetskarimekko, mut joo meil on loma samaa aikaa ku teil :)

  4. uff!!love them but prefer second dress!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  5. Nelly. comin 2 mekossa on niin jänskä toi sivuhalkio et oon kyllä aikalailla sen puolella :) Ja vika sininen mekko on kanssa tosi kiva, ei haittaa mun mielestä yhtään että sulla on jo sininen vanhojentanssipuku, toi ois vaan semmonen seksikkäämpi versio siitä ! :)

  6. Hej! hoppas du haft en super bra dag!
    Var gärna med i DAGENSBLOGG på min blogg! anmäl dig via denna länk! lycka till!!

  7. the last one is really breath-taking! I love one-shoulder dresses. If I were you I'd take the last. Lovely blog!HUGS

  8. One-shoulder dress is beautiful, amazing, I love it :)

  9. ova zadnja mi je najljepsa,mada ni druga nije losa,ne znam.

  10. thx for your lovely comment !!
    the dresses look so cute :)

  11. Mäki sanon,että vika!

  12. Incredible photos, great post. I follow you.

    XOXO from Munich.

    La Vie Quotidienne.