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Hello hello;) Yes I'm doing my 2nd post today (wow). Apparently this blog has over 40 readers by now. And I'm pretty dazed about it! So welcome to all new readers and hello to the "old" ones :)

My otfits are from tuesday. I was out with a friend but nothing special happened. Today I was just having a lazy home-day with my book and tv. I was trying to find the 7th episode of 3rd season of Vampire Diaries! I feel like a small teenage girl who is hooked up to a vampire series :D But who could resist Damon and new Stefan with all the drama with Elena? 

So I had a simple Gina tricot outfit again with vest, shirt and jeans from Gina with frosting of KappAhl via the earrings. Those are probably my favorite earring by now? Usually I'm all fond up of my owl earrings, but for some reason my blue-loving went over the owl-loving! But how beautiful it sould see a necklace of a perfect owl with big blue eyes! I'd faint if I saw something that good!

TOMORROW will be probably the best (and worst) night ever! I go to a movie-night to the movie theater just across the road of my home. There we will see 4 movies (of which I'll tell u more later) with a small breaks between and have fun with friends! :) I'll take some sweet snack with me there and eat it while watching. Can't wait! It starts at 9.30pm and finishes 7.30am .. So I'm probably gonna sleep half of the time!

Now I'm gna go to sleep and prepare myself for tomorrow :) Wish me a good luck! Promising to take a camera with me! :)




  1. Hello cutie! Lovely outfit! Congrats for your new followers!!

  2. love this post and also your blog! I follow u!
    pass to my blog and if it likes you, follow me too :D

  3. you watch the vampire diaries ??
    Now i love u more than ever :D
    and BTW im team stephan forever :D
    and the 7th episode airs on thursday at 8 pm in US which is i think 7 pm at ur country :D