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I have finally rested! I'm soo happy :D I woke up at 11 and didn't hurry to get up from the bed but layed there for 15 minutes listening to music from my mp3 and enjoying my time! Then I finally got up and hurried to brush my teeth. After that it felt just WONDERFUL to just go sit on the sofa, put some interesting "Loosing weight" program on and drank my cacao while watching it :)

Finally around 2pm I got myself off the sofa and started doing the chemistry. After killing 90% of my braincells with frustration and stress and using at least 50% of my rubber, I gave up and went to do the make up and my hair :) My sister Elvira came home and we realised that there is no food at home :D Well what's better that going to the finest chinese-restaurant and buy deep-fried chicken (10 pieces), rice and a delicious sauce with it all with 7€! Plus that 10 pieces on chicken is way too much for one person (even without the rice) so we payed it half so I lost only 3,50€ for a delicious (not so healthy though) meal!

I went out with my friend Eve today :) Or well.. we ended up at my place and ordered a dress for her! I've ordered mine in the beginning of this month :) But you people must weight couple more months because I won't be wearing it before 17th of February so you definitely aren't seeing it before that day! :D Muahahhahahaha!

I was wearing pretty normal outfit today:) I had my my favorite (for now) shoes that are 5 years old already, my favorite jeans (only ones that I use actually..) and shirt from Gina tricot and my jacket that has brought me soo many shopping-hangovers! I bought that jacket from SOAKED last year and payed 80€ for it. I was like yeey I got a good jacket that will last long! But, with my luck, in next 7 days 4 buttons fell off while WALKING (so I didnt toucht them even...) and one of the pockets torn. How fun. I wanted to return this stupid jacket but couldn't find the receipt :(

Now I have this small boy playing with me some O'OH game :D He is dropping the pillow from the chair and screming O'OH and I must  answer O'OH and lift it :D now I lift it on his head so its more fun for him :D Cute.

Bye for now :D



  1. Tvoj stil mi se jako sviđa jer oblačiš nosive, jednostavne i lijepe stvari.
    Blago tebi na odmoaranju - zavidim ti !

  2. ooh!so nice the last photo=)
    love your coat!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  3. Sabi hahahahaha voin kuvitella ton jälkimmäisen :D !

  4. I love the last picture - so cute!