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Me, who is addicted in getting new things all the time, has also an obsession to go through some online shops and checking out what I MIGHT start needing while watching pretty photos of pretty things.. So this time in my target was MONKI. I went to their online shop and gathered the things I'd definitely want to buy! I won't yet buy anything, because carlings is opening up in this little city so I'll wait to use my money there :) And I'm also planning to buy this jacket from H&M:

It's 49,95€ and looks pretty nice. Havent yet stopped by H&M to try it on or to see how thick it is (I wanna keep myself warm during cold Finnish winter!). But I'll try to go this week since I should have time during my holidays!

Although I always find myself a reason not to do anything effective! Today I was going out to check out that jacket but I thought.. Hmm i must read Breaking dawn! Then I thought that I'm too lazy to put make up on and in the end I was making a delicious rasberry pie. Trust me I would've taken a picture of it for you but who ever cut that pie into pieces, also crushed it up like it would've been thrown on the floor and put back up :) So I didn't want to give a scary picture of ugly looking pie that I claim is the most delicious thing in the world - I'm sure you wouldn't have believed me! I promise to guard my pie next time as long as I've got the picture of it:D 

Here are the things I saw in MONKI's website :) Enjoy! (Or throw up if you don't like it:D)

 Lindy 30€
 Luna 40€
 Jennifer 35€
 Jasmine 15€
 Andrea 20€
 Emma 10€
 Annina 30€

 My 35€
 Kamille 15€

Mickie 25€

What do you think?


  1. Oduševljena sam košuljama i ovom majicom sa perima, baš mi se sviđa!

  2. kaputić je baš fin,a i ovo iz monk-a je ljepuškasto... divna im je etiketa! :D

  3. That nave blouse and sweaters are so great!! Love them.


  4. great selection!and love that blue blouse!!

  5. I <3 Monki. Hvala Bogu pa se u nas nedavno otvorio :)


  6. Monki tacno uvijek potrefi moj stil , tacno kako je volim, sto sire to bolje :P Ja se ne bi mogla odluciti :)

  7. A daaaaj, želim sve te košulje i džemperčiće i cipele, ma sve, sve. <3

  8. LOve the things you chose at Monki!! I hope you could buy them soon and when you do, I want to watch them in the blog! :D