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Hungry? Oh yes, me too! That was probably the most delicious thing I've ever eaten! So good :) Delicious salmon salad with that incredible delicious Bonjour chees in it that was melting like chocolate in the mouth! Ah.. yep I'm very hungry!

My day has been pretty dull. Just repeating the same read, eat, read, eat, read. That's what Stephenie Meyer does to me. And I must admit the pain in my back gets only worse when I continue sitting. I might get paralized from my back before I turn 20.

Well I did plan to go out as you see. My friend wanted to meet, but apparently something came up so I never walked out of the door. And I kinda got all mad and sad, because it was REALLY hard to make myself leave the book, choose the clothes, put the make up and do my hair. And then nothing :/ Well at least I will be going out tomorrow :) As I promised, I'll go check the jacket in H&M. I'm not sure if I have the money to buy it yet, but after a week I'll definitely have that money! So we need patience I guess. As it comes to food.

For some reason I'm having again this time when I just eat and eat :D Well okay I've eaten twice today but it kinda feels so much.. Maybe because I've sat home all day and time is passing in speed when you are just reading and reading and doing nothing else. :D Funny how I do this again. Month ago I couldn't look at books without yawning.

Anyways. I will try to get more pleasant posts during this week :D I've kinda become lazy and I don't do nothing so there isn't really much to write about!

Thank you all for your sweet comments in my previous posts :) Love them all!




  1. Jako si mi slatka. :)
    Mrzim otkazivanje dogovora u zadnji tren i znam kako se osjećaš tada. :S Ja baš poludim, pogotovo ako se baš potrudim. :O

  2. The food looks so jummy! And you look great honn! Love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? x

  3. Yum! That looks great!

  4. You look amzing in "total black"
    the food looks great! ;)