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Good morning sunshines:)! I slept from 5am till 12am untill a loud BUMBUM-voice woke me up :( Apparently someone had their grandchild visiting them! :D

About my previous post when I asked what you see on the shirt on the following picture, the answer is a WOMAN'S FACE. So congrats to all those that saw it and MUAHAHAHAH to all of those who didn't! :D We humen have a way to think that the outlines of a picture are always black, but on this one they are white! So good luck in trying to see the wooman's face there now ;)

But my yesterday was amazing! I was with my friends Elisa and Saara. I won the tickets with Saara in this event. Cameras were not allowed (and plus I forgot it home:D) and I didn't want to take a risk with taking pictures with my phone, because they said that if they see someone taking pictures or filming with camera or phone they will kick that person out :D I didn't want that to happen to me!

There were 4 movies of which I watched 3!

1. Finnish movie full of humor and also some very stupid jokes that would have made me laugh as hell if time would have been later than 21.30! It was better than I expected :D

2. Avatar 3D. I've seen it once before when it just came out. And well this time it was much better than in the first time! I was sitting in the very first row so the picture really looked like it was alive! Much better than from the rows behind!

3. All so happy dance movie! We were first people in Finland to see this movie so it was kind of exciting! And must admit that it was better than I thought! First I was like, damn another dance movie that is exactly the same as every other dance movie! But I was surprised. This was a GOOD dance movie that you can't even really call a dance movie. It was awesome and probably best movie during the whole event! But don't get me wrong, I do love "normal" dance movies and I always watch them over and over again :D

4th movie I didn't watch so I also wont post the trailer. It was Scream 4 but I got tired and plus I'm not good with scary movies :(

Look at the time not at the fact that I just got a new message! :D 

So this is how freak I look like at 5am. :) Yeey! Now I'm going to watch Vampire Diaries S3 E7 !




  1. lovely!


  2. U can see it there:

    It's a portuguese shop :=

  3. i love your blog :) <3

  4. Oh I love your shirt, and I am so bad with scary movies too! so glad to have found your blog, love it!

  5. so fun the last photo!!
    love your top!amazing!
    kisses pretty=)