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I was challenged by JENNY to

So here I start! I will try not to bore you with all this stuff and I hope you enjoy it :) 

1. I'm part of the best family ever! There are five of us: Mom, Dad and my two sisters Hermina and Elvira.

 Here is how they got married :) daddy is stylish in his leather jacket and mama looks very happy! :P

 Our whole family :)
 Mom when she was young!

Me and my sisters. Pictures taken yesterday..

Nowadays Hermina and Elvira live in their own apartment in different cities. Im alone with mom and dad, but luckily they visit us almost every weekend!

2. I'm a person who doesnt really belong to any group of friends. I have couple friends in other cities also and actually my best friend lives 300km away from me. I love her a lot but unfortunately I can't see her very often :( About the groups, I do have friends sure. But I'm more like changing the group every break at school. Kinda it's good, coz I never have to be alone anywhere if my group members aren't in the same place but sometimes it starts to get to my nerves! :(

My Yassu :) <3 Seviyorum seni!
 Evelina and me. This is a old photo but always so loveable!
 Me and Olga :) She is the one who made me the way I am now even if we don't meet anymore so often. She also lives 300km away from me in the same city with Yassu and she actually introduced Yassu to me! :)

3. Even if I keep blog and admire pretty clothes I have never read 1 whole magazine! My sisters though have read magazines since they were children and that's how I've always known what is beautiful and what I should never put on me. Nowadays I use blogs to change my views about clothes. But still I kinda hope that one day I would read those magazines!

4. I get very attached to weird things. I get attached to my laptops and my phones (usually). Laptops and plants are the worst issue: I'm very attached to my current laptop who got name Esmeralda (It's black and there is written Esprimo so aint it a good name?) and then I got attached to my cactus Ibrahim who I go check almost everyday, that is he okay :D Funny eh?

5. I never do things till the end. I might start cleaning, but finnish it in 5 mintues because I get lazy. Or I might start watching a good movie and stop it just because something more interesting came up. This is a problem when it comes to books: I have tried to read so many books but I never get them till the end! I have also spent a lot of money to books that I've never read. Stupid me.. Maybe some day I'll read them.:D

 6. I drink cacao too much. I drink it every morning and after school and in the weekends I might drink it 3 times a day! Crazy eh? And plus I put like 5 spoons of cacao powder.

7. If I feel sad I usually go shopping. Then I get happy and after I realise that I've bought some stupid things, I get some shopping-hangover. This habit has got even worse after starting my blog :D + I can't resist sales. When it's sale I'll buy anything just to get something that I can say I've bought THIS MUCH :D

8. I get all weird when I'm stressing. You know usually people get angry or something but me, I'm weird. I act all happy till I get some break down. And my break downs might be shameful if they happen outside of home: I start laughing like crazy - you know when laugh so much that your feet can't carry you- and while im laughing I'm also crying :D And I'm sure it looks funny. Luckily people here already know my habits so I'm not all weirdo in front of them, but always when it happens in some new place, people look at me like I'm somehow retarded.

So here it is :) I hope you now know more about me and that you enjoyed at least the photos if nothing else was interesting enough! :D Now I will go back to school to enjoy the lessons and civilization :D Have a nice day everyone!

Puss och Kram


  1. Juuh on mulla blogi. Kirjotan just niin harvoin milt tuntuu, eikä kovin moni tiiä osotetta, enkä haluiskaa.
    Kiitti sun sanoista, silti ku ympärilt tulee negatiivisen tuntusii kommenttei/vaikutteit ni on vaikeeta.
    Lisään sun mesen. Sit joskus ku ollaa samaa aikaa siel ni voin lähettää. Tai huikkaa faces jos oon online.

  2. oohh!love reto haha..
    kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

  3. This is beautiful, love your blog!
    followin right? :*

  4. Well that retarded-part is true<3

    With love- big sis<3

  5. Oot Sabizzle aika ylisöpö <3 Mietin just eilen siuta ja miten mein piti mennä bosnaan yhes ja kaikkia muita hupsutuksia. Saatan tulla ens viikolla mikkeliin. We`ll see then! eiks jeah? ;)


  6. Your pictures are so lovely!