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Happy (or frightening) halloween everybody ! :) Hope u all have had fun today with creepy costumes and all because I havent! :( Halloween isn't a big thing in Finland. It's actually just excuse for people to have parties where they don't even dress up :D Though it's fun anyways!

Me and my friends tried to make a halloween party but we didn't find a place for it :( It would've been nice to dress up as something scary and have fun with the girls with halloween movies and all! Well luckily TV will be showing halloween movies tonight whole night long! Not that I'll enjoy them since I will be going to sleep latest at 12 :D But hey I can always watch them some other day! ;)

Today was the day of presents :) I have no idea why but my friend Maria decided to make a cousin for Ibrahim! :D His name is as hard as Luitpold Niedersachsen. I don't know what that means or if it's somebodies real name (she was explaining me about Heinrich Himmler which scared me a bit but nevermind :D) Ill give my Luitpold a nickname boldie!

Another thing I got is that beautiful owl ring there! My friend Kia came from Turkey and decided to bring me a present :) And she really knows my weaknes for owls! She also gave me for my birthday last year my owl earrings that I was wearing today! So my jewelleries were Turkey mixed with owls and Kia :D In my hand I had nazar-bracelet which is also from Turkey, though given by my friend Yasemin!

There u see my owls better :) Arent they cute? I was wearing shirt and scarf from Gina tricot, shorts by Seppälä and jacket from H&M :) Over-knee socks I have bought sure from somewhere but can't remember the store! Maybe KappAhl or Lindex?

There you can see a book, Tuntematon sotilas (=The unknown soldier) that I borrowed from my friend Eve, because I must read it during this week for my finnish class. It's probably the best known book in Finland and something that you must read if you continue living in Finland. It's like part of civilization and tells about some finnsih war.

I just finished reading Breaking dawn that you can also see in the picture :) There are many books in this picture that I have never read! And I love books so I will definitely try to read them and many of the books you readers suggested me in last post :) So thank you all for suggestions I will right them down and start reading! Especially I want to read something from a yugoslavian writer Ivo Andrić. I have one of his books in Finnish so I'll probably start from that one and continue reading anothes in his native language :D

Couple years ago I was reading without a stop! I was buying books in a fast speed and it never felt like I had enough! I still love books but it's hard for me to start reading them. Also one forgotten skill is writing. Before I was writing all the time small stories in english or in finnish. I loved it really :) Now I've been thinking should I start doing these things again?

Now I'm going to eat delicious home-made Burek (you can try to google it if you don't know what it is :D Börek in turkish!). After that I will go to some latin-dances and have fun ;)

ps. thank you all for the great comments :) I loved reading them! I'm trying to check out everyone's blog who commented me and comment back. So great you people are!




Good weekend everyone! :) I'm actually not happy that it's saturday already (is it saturday or friday I'm not sure :D) (It must be saturday since we have sauna today hihi) because it means that my holdays are over! Tomorrow I have to do two esseys for english and study chemistry! How depressive maaan :(

Today I was in center with my mama :) We were trying on cute hats and gloves and went to check out our new Esprit. I even ended up buying gloves from Seppälä! They are very cute and warm :) And I'm very proud of myself because this is the first time when I actually bought gloves! So let's hope they will help me through the winter :D

My gloves costed me 9,95€. And well at the same time I wanted to show you my new straightener that I forgot to tell you about! My mama bought it for me with only 16€ in sale. And must admit it works PERFECT! :)

 Today I was wearing pretty comfortable outfit that consisted of Gina Tricot jeans and shirt. And those gloves! I just love them :) I thought I'll buy one of those big russian hats that cover your ears nicely :) They are very warm hats and actually only ones that look good on me! I tried on so many hats today and found out that no normal hats suit me :(

In the evening (just 12 mintues ago) I was in sauna downstairs with mama and daddy. It was nice there! But for some reason I allways get dizzy while im in sauna :( Even if the temperature isn't too high and I take many cold showers while sitting there and drink lots of water. Guess my genes just aren't made for sauna!

I finally read Breaking dawn till the end! I don't like those movies though I guess I'll watch them still .. I'm just sad that both Harry Potter and Twilight saga ended.. I must find something else to read from now on :)






Good morning sunshines:)! I slept from 5am till 12am untill a loud BUMBUM-voice woke me up :( Apparently someone had their grandchild visiting them! :D

About my previous post when I asked what you see on the shirt on the following picture, the answer is a WOMAN'S FACE. So congrats to all those that saw it and MUAHAHAHAH to all of those who didn't! :D We humen have a way to think that the outlines of a picture are always black, but on this one they are white! So good luck in trying to see the wooman's face there now ;)

But my yesterday was amazing! I was with my friends Elisa and Saara. I won the tickets with Saara in this event. Cameras were not allowed (and plus I forgot it home:D) and I didn't want to take a risk with taking pictures with my phone, because they said that if they see someone taking pictures or filming with camera or phone they will kick that person out :D I didn't want that to happen to me!

There were 4 movies of which I watched 3!

1. Finnish movie full of humor and also some very stupid jokes that would have made me laugh as hell if time would have been later than 21.30! It was better than I expected :D

2. Avatar 3D. I've seen it once before when it just came out. And well this time it was much better than in the first time! I was sitting in the very first row so the picture really looked like it was alive! Much better than from the rows behind!

3. All so happy dance movie! We were first people in Finland to see this movie so it was kind of exciting! And must admit that it was better than I thought! First I was like, damn another dance movie that is exactly the same as every other dance movie! But I was surprised. This was a GOOD dance movie that you can't even really call a dance movie. It was awesome and probably best movie during the whole event! But don't get me wrong, I do love "normal" dance movies and I always watch them over and over again :D

4th movie I didn't watch so I also wont post the trailer. It was Scream 4 but I got tired and plus I'm not good with scary movies :(

Look at the time not at the fact that I just got a new message! :D 

So this is how freak I look like at 5am. :) Yeey! Now I'm going to watch Vampire Diaries S3 E7 !





Hello guys :) It's thursday today (oh wow:D) so week is getting to it's end and so is my holiday. Today I'm meeting a friend (soon). We are going to go out and I'm going to buy some candy for the movie night today :) I hope everything will go well and the movies will be good and candy will be delicious!

 Today I wore over-knee socks and under them black thick stockings (you can't really see them on the picture because it's so dark :/). I had also my second-hand shirt that I bought last month (or this month I'm not sure..). And, of course, I had blue earrings again! They are from KappAhl like the earrings in my last post :)
But I have a question for you. Not everyone sees the picture on my shirt so..


I was out five minutes ago and even if I wasn't there for long my hands and ears got totally frozen! :( So I decided that maybe today I go buy myself some nice warm gloves and a hat? If I find them of course! So wish me luck :) See ya again tomorrow! I'll tell you more about my movie night then :) See ya later!




Hello hello;) Yes I'm doing my 2nd post today (wow). Apparently this blog has over 40 readers by now. And I'm pretty dazed about it! So welcome to all new readers and hello to the "old" ones :)

My otfits are from tuesday. I was out with a friend but nothing special happened. Today I was just having a lazy home-day with my book and tv. I was trying to find the 7th episode of 3rd season of Vampire Diaries! I feel like a small teenage girl who is hooked up to a vampire series :D But who could resist Damon and new Stefan with all the drama with Elena? 

So I had a simple Gina tricot outfit again with vest, shirt and jeans from Gina with frosting of KappAhl via the earrings. Those are probably my favorite earring by now? Usually I'm all fond up of my owl earrings, but for some reason my blue-loving went over the owl-loving! But how beautiful it sould see a necklace of a perfect owl with big blue eyes! I'd faint if I saw something that good!

TOMORROW will be probably the best (and worst) night ever! I go to a movie-night to the movie theater just across the road of my home. There we will see 4 movies (of which I'll tell u more later) with a small breaks between and have fun with friends! :) I'll take some sweet snack with me there and eat it while watching. Can't wait! It starts at 9.30pm and finishes 7.30am .. So I'm probably gonna sleep half of the time!

Now I'm gna go to sleep and prepare myself for tomorrow :) Wish me a good luck! Promising to take a camera with me! :)





I've had a bad headache these couple days :( Especially in the evenings so I've been going to sleep always at 12 am because I couldn't keep my head up anymore! :( So that's the reason why I haven't taken many outfit pohtos and so on. Headache wins my cravings of putting something nice on or going out..

Although I thought I'll finally give you an outfit post, but my dear daddy stole the camera so I can't get the pictures out of it :D In stead I'll plan here my November shoppings. Later I'll do a "winter shop list" as I did before autumn.

The winner dress in my last post was definitely the blue one-shoulder dress:

So I'll order this one from ASOS with 26,09€ :) Luckily I have three more months to think about this so if I get bored of this dress I can always buy a new one and use this one in some other thing! :D

Then I need the H&M jacket that I will get with 39,95€ because I have some -10€ thing..

And then I need some skincare things! The Body Shop's facial scrub 15,70€ and body scrub 17,00€

And then for the sake of starting winter, I must buy myself some cute gloves and hat as soon as I find nice ones from somewhere :) 

Any ideas where I might find a nice hat and gloves?

I try to post later today my outfit and so on. This was kinda some plan B posting :D Thanks to everyone who helped me out picking up a dress :) I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with that one! Whole day in blue can be exciting :D

Now I go to make food and read some Breaking dawn!




Well I've been babling around a lot about the 17th of February haven't I? No I'm not here telling you about the dress I ordered (and which will HOPEFULLY arrive here soon enough :( Though I think it wont be here before the end of November..) but I have another dress I must buy to that same event :D

After all of the dances I go to an afterparty wearing the same dress as in the dances. But for afterafterparty I need a NEW dress. I was thinking about something simple enough, but beautiful and stunning. No black, because black isn't a color that shows.. And something tight also, because tight means easy and comfortable! So well.. I havent got through other pages yet, but Nelly and ASOS SALE had quite nice things to offer.. I found three dresses that fit to my bank account and my cravings. So here they are:

1. Pretty and cute dress with a nice color. Looks comfortable enough. PAPRIKA 35.50€ Looks like a safe choice!

2.  This dress is very pretty and sexy. The color is stunning and it looks wonderful on the model. The cut on the side worries me though, because I don't know how it would end up looking on me. The fabric doesn't look so nice as in the first one, thugh I might be also wrong. Elise Ryan 35,95€

3.  Safe choice once again. Blue looks like my favorite color nowadays. Though my first dress (that you aren't gonna see hahaha) is blue also so I thought should I take something different than blue? And well the zipper looks good when it's not on the model. Or what do you think? Dry Lake 59,95€

1. Same dress as in but cheaper and different color. This one is 24,79€

 2. One-shoulder dress. Beautiful blue. Thought as I said before, my first dress is blue so what should I do? Rare 26,09€

 So people, help me out here :) I love every one of those dresses and probably will end up finding even more pretty dresses that I want to have :D So PLEASE help me or I'll starve for rest of the year to get money for all of the dresses I found and will find in future! :D





Hungry? Oh yes, me too! That was probably the most delicious thing I've ever eaten! So good :) Delicious salmon salad with that incredible delicious Bonjour chees in it that was melting like chocolate in the mouth! Ah.. yep I'm very hungry!

My day has been pretty dull. Just repeating the same read, eat, read, eat, read. That's what Stephenie Meyer does to me. And I must admit the pain in my back gets only worse when I continue sitting. I might get paralized from my back before I turn 20.

Well I did plan to go out as you see. My friend wanted to meet, but apparently something came up so I never walked out of the door. And I kinda got all mad and sad, because it was REALLY hard to make myself leave the book, choose the clothes, put the make up and do my hair. And then nothing :/ Well at least I will be going out tomorrow :) As I promised, I'll go check the jacket in H&M. I'm not sure if I have the money to buy it yet, but after a week I'll definitely have that money! So we need patience I guess. As it comes to food.

For some reason I'm having again this time when I just eat and eat :D Well okay I've eaten twice today but it kinda feels so much.. Maybe because I've sat home all day and time is passing in speed when you are just reading and reading and doing nothing else. :D Funny how I do this again. Month ago I couldn't look at books without yawning.

Anyways. I will try to get more pleasant posts during this week :D I've kinda become lazy and I don't do nothing so there isn't really much to write about!

Thank you all for your sweet comments in my previous posts :) Love them all!





Me, who is addicted in getting new things all the time, has also an obsession to go through some online shops and checking out what I MIGHT start needing while watching pretty photos of pretty things.. So this time in my target was MONKI. I went to their online shop and gathered the things I'd definitely want to buy! I won't yet buy anything, because carlings is opening up in this little city so I'll wait to use my money there :) And I'm also planning to buy this jacket from H&M:

It's 49,95€ and looks pretty nice. Havent yet stopped by H&M to try it on or to see how thick it is (I wanna keep myself warm during cold Finnish winter!). But I'll try to go this week since I should have time during my holidays!

Although I always find myself a reason not to do anything effective! Today I was going out to check out that jacket but I thought.. Hmm i must read Breaking dawn! Then I thought that I'm too lazy to put make up on and in the end I was making a delicious rasberry pie. Trust me I would've taken a picture of it for you but who ever cut that pie into pieces, also crushed it up like it would've been thrown on the floor and put back up :) So I didn't want to give a scary picture of ugly looking pie that I claim is the most delicious thing in the world - I'm sure you wouldn't have believed me! I promise to guard my pie next time as long as I've got the picture of it:D 

Here are the things I saw in MONKI's website :) Enjoy! (Or throw up if you don't like it:D)

 Lindy 30€
 Luna 40€
 Jennifer 35€
 Jasmine 15€
 Andrea 20€
 Emma 10€
 Annina 30€

 My 35€
 Kamille 15€

Mickie 25€

What do you think?