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Hello all! I have finally found the time to write here :D Much hasn't happened since the last time but sure one major thing about my look has changed (which you may see on the pictures belooow). My freetime has passed by studying and with some ladies night at fridays. I actually just came home from another ladies night and I'm tired and all so just check out the pictures ;D I'll be posting at least once more during the weekend. So till then! Chuss :)

 Glasses from OSIRIS

And I bought new jeans! For these jeans I went in the middle of a week to another city, because my size was sold in my little town :(! I was so very happy to find them in Jyväskylä! :D

Shirt Gina Tricot | Jeans Gina Tricot (SERENA) | Shoes Bianco (my sisters shoes :D)

And of course a lady needs some cream to stay pretty ;) So I bought this one from The Body Shop for 17.90€.

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