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 This photo is from 2010 when I was spending quality time with my cousins and sisters. My lovely cousin Elvisa posted it on facebook today so here it is! :D

DAMN! I was supposed to go watch ballet again today with my friend Maria. But guess what! We didn't bother checking what time it is but assumed that it starts at 19 as before. So we came in front of Mikaeli and saw that there were only couple cars on the parking lot. We stood there for a moment like wtf until Maria decided to check out from her phone what time it starts. We were thinking that maybe it starts at 20 or something, but guess what: Sunday at 14.00. We walked back home embarrassed and sad, because we didn't see the ballet :/.

Anyway, I wanna tell you about my last sunday. Or actually every sunday! Because usually I'm at home on sundays and I even enjoy spending lazy time cleaning and studying and without hurrying anywhere. So I took photos whole day from the time i woke up untill i went to sleep. So enjoy watching my lazy, meaningless sunday!

1. First thing I do when I wake up is  that I check my phone and answer the smses that have come during the night. Then of course I put on my mp3 player and spend 5 minutes sitting on the bend and listening to music! :D

 2. After doing the normal morning things I head to the kitchen and make cacao with fatless milk and delicious Oboy-cacaopowder.

 3. Computer is a big part of my life. So while cacao is in microwave I go to switch on my laptop and put music on :) annoying it is to see how warm it is in Bosnia and how cold it is in Finland.
 My lovely teddybear :) He is 12 years old and always so loyal! ;) Also there you can see my calender that I write to every evening before I go to sleep.

 4. Eating is important but usually my eating aint the healthiest possible on sundays. Here you see my mom's apple pie!
 5. Next pictures mean cleaning. I cleaned my closet, table, bookshell and of course vacuumed the whole room.

 6. And shower, which starts by putting egg yolk and olive oil to my hair for 30 minutes. After that I wash it away with shampoon and I of course use also a conditioner as well as hair mask. For my skin I use normal soap and body scrub!

 7. After shower I like to take care of the condition of my skin. I use a Badem-body lotion that I bought from Bosnia and Hercegovina in summer 2010. I actually bought couple of those .. And for my feet I like to use Body Shop's foot lotion that smells like peppermint!

 This goes to the section 4. I made some small pancakes and kept sure that my stomach stayes somehow full during the day! :D

 8. Studying and eating chocolate. As I said, my sundays ain't healthy at all. But who could resist Marabou? Especially if you are studying swedish -> Studying swedish with swedish chocolate. Yummy!
 .. yep math can be boring so my calculator talks to me.

 9. In the end of the day I usually watch some movie or spend the time writing here, like now. Last sunday movie Slumdog millionaire was on tv! :) Couldnt help but to watch it!
 10. Before I go to sleep I put my patiks on :) They are from Turkey and my best friend Yassu brought them for me last year :) Arent they cute?
 .. yep this is what I look like before going to sleep :D
 10. Last comes smsing, writing to calender and listening to music untill I fall asleep.

Good night mates ! :) I go to sleep and get ready for the next school week. Soon our examweek starts and then I will be hiding from posting anything. :D Cao!

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