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16 readers ladies and gentlemen! Thank you all for your support and for giving me inspiration to continue writing here about everything I love! I've noticed that despite of the joy that this posting brings, it's also a very good way to deal with stress and problems! :D

This time I want to share with you some old things. I went through my old photo albums and saw some good photos that I wanna show you all! :) So enjoy the history!
First I wanna share with you my shoes! :) These 2 pairs of shoes were bought by ASOS in 2009! Now they are waiting for me in Bosnia and Hercrgovina :P

Next 4 photos are taken in 2007 or 2008 in my room in Finland! :) They are all taken by my sister Elvira.

 This photo is from 2008 from a small bar Žujan in Kozarac, Bosnia and Hercegovina, where I was drinking hot chocolae every evening! It was delicious!
 And to Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia! :) There is standing 14 years old me with mickey mouse shirt! I would like to know where that shirt is nowadays. I could starts wearing it again! :D

 These next 2 photos are from Croatia! :) It's our almost every-years trip to go to Bosnia and to Croatia. And I love both countries! :) First photo 2008 and second 2007.

Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kozarac 2008!

 Kimba :) Dog of my uncle's. He was put to sleep in 2009 :/
 And to my loved ones! Here is me and my sister Hermina in 2008 or 2009?
 Me and my best friend Yasemin 2009!

 Yassu and my another bestfriend Eve at the church! :D
 Me at the church :D
 And Yasemin and my another bestfriend Izzät ;) Fighting over me obviously.

I would keep on showing my photos but I must go to sleep! Tomorrow I must go at 8.00 to spinning at the gym. :D Hopefully it will be as fun as the fitness boxing was!

Good night everybody! Kisses xoxo


  1. divne fotke. :)
    prve cipele su mi savrsene.

  2. What a beautiful pictures! Really cute!
    Definitely write a blog is an excellent way to eliminate stress, the same way I do it for that! :)
    Kisses dear!


  3. you are super nice dear! Love this punch of pictures

  4. thx for your lovely comment!! i love your heesl :) cute blog my dear :)
    would you like to follow each other?
    melina from

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  6. Just found your blog and browsed a few post and I really really like your blog :D I just created a blog so I'm kinda new here... I would love to read more about Bosnia, could you make a post about it? :))

  7. Som muslim ska man äta halalkött. Bara att alla följer inte det. Exempelvis JAG, och min familj följer tyvärr inte alltid det. Men ibland händer det att vi köper halalkött :)

    Står i koranen att man får inte äta griskött eller kött som inte är halalslaktat..

  8. nice pictures!!!
    like it!!
    thanks for your comment!
    i hope that you return on my blog!!

  9. omg those shoes are awesome !! love your eyes :D

    The Endless Wishlist

  10. hi, are you muslim?