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Should I be studying swedish? Oh yes.. But I came here to cheer you up! (and to escape from studying though I love swedish).

Today my school started at 9.30 am. I was, as usually, getting out of apartment at 9.27 when I would still get in time. But guess what! I grabbed my school bag, which was full of books etc, and when i liften it to the ear it suddenly fell down. I looked at the band of my bag in my hand: Well of course it broke. So I took my, or actually my sisters old bag, and put my things to it and hurried to school. I came in front of the class where was my next lesson and the door was closed. I started knocking but no one came to open. I thought I didn't knock hard enough and kept knocking and I even called my friend who was in the same lesson with me, but she didn't answer. I already gave up and started walking towards the front door when I heard the voice of my teacher from another classroom :D They had just moved the classroom without me knowing and I came in to the class before my name was called so I wasn't late yippee! :>

After school I went to the center and went through some shops to find the perfect bag. And even if I checked so many bag shops and quality shops, I went back to Gina Tricot and got the bag that was exactly like I have always dreamt of! So thank you Sweden for making Gina Tricot :D

There you may see my beautiful bag and my todays outfit. I chose that bag because it looks kinda official and I can also fit my computer there if I need to! :) And it is pretty big so my hundreds of books can fit there easily.

Jeans are the ones that I bought this month from Gina tricot in Jyväskylä for 30€. Shirt I bought in summer also from gina tricot so it's kinda day blessed to gina tricot! Only shoes aren't from GT but from Vagabond. These shoes have been in closet for forever bought by my sister Hermina. I borrowed them for today :) Or at least for today.. And they served my feet well!

Rice and chicken made by me! :D I was pretty proud when I made that, because I'm a louzy cooker and it came out delicious! That's what I've been eating for last 3 days apart from school dinner. And there are also some Filippino cookies that my mama gave me. She is apparently missing two of her daughters when she is trying to make me glad with chocolates! Today she bought KitKats and some Thai food for me? :D How fun!

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