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Ill make a fast posting of my yesterday! First I was in not so civilized place with my friends. We went to some event, where was performing Jukka Poika. He was pretty wasted so I didn't bother watching him close. Me and my friend Saara went to win ourselves tickets! :D We played some game where was a board with holes and a ball -and our job was to get the ball from one point to another without letting it fall into the holes. Our time was 46seconds and we won tickets to a movie night that is in the end of next month! Will be definitely posting of it when it happens!

After Jukka Poika, I headed towards civilized people to our lovely Mikaeli where was performing Eifman ballet. I gotta admit I fell in love with it! They were perfect. I totally forgot where I am and even forgot to take pictures time to time! I'm so in love with ballet now that me and my friend Maria asked that could we come also tomorrow to watch. We were working on friday there so we can enter free. And we get to the front row which normally costs 98€ .. I hope tomorrow will be even more perfect if it can even get any better!

 Me and Olga

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