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Happy autumn mates! ;D What do they say about autumn? - Rains all the time, Gets darker, School gets harder, you are tired all the time ... Yes I am negative person when it comes to autumn and winter. My normal autumn/winter days go like this: wake up, school, homework, computer, sleep.. And I get very tired and depressed and colthes and my look aren't in my priorities anymore.

This year I will make a change! I have a plan which will make my autumn look brighter :) So here is the shoplist:

  • Colorful bags

  •  Overknee socks! (and stockings)

  •  Colorful scarves! (I love scarves so I could start buying them?)

  • A lot of Jewellery!

 You like it? - I do! Nothing makes girl as happy as shopping! I only need to save at least the weekends for friends and forget the stress and school for a while! Positively to the colorful autumn ladies, we shall not let it kill us! :)

ps. the Day 2 will be probably posted during the weekend. I didn't forget about it ;)

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