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Oh how I love it, Oh how I miss it!

Shud I say Im Back no. 2? :D Sorry that I haven't been writing. I've been busy with my friends, who came from Joensuu. Yasemin (Yassu) came already 5th and Janika came 12th. Last Friday and Saturday went on the Festivals here in Mikkeli: Jurassic Rock. There were mostly Finnish bands but Wiz Khalifa came also, smoking weed whole way here :) (at least that's what he said)

This was my frist time in Jurassic. We spent most of the time just laying somewhere and trying to take good photos.. Didn't get many though :D. We went to the front row to see the best singers for example Wiz Khalifa, Cheek and Raappana. My favorite place was the "Rytmikoppi" (=Rhythmbox). It was very small place but music was great and dancing was even better!

Eve and me :)

Yassu, Izzät, Me, Eve, Katja and Kia !


Jenni Vartiainen !


That was all for today! I'll post the Day 2 as fast as possible! And then I'll continue with normal posting. Happy weekend to all of u! ;)


  1. Please can you tell me about that bag on your it this bag

    Inace super blog...bas ga volim citati. :)

  2. Not that bag :D But almost the same! Ova moja torba je iz Lindex. Ne znam imali te trgovime tamo gdje ti zivis ali mora da ima negdje na internetu da se kupi! Kostala je oko 30€ ako sam dobro zapamtila :)Hvala za komentar! :)