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I spent my week in Joensuu in my bestfriends' place :) Week went too fast and soon I had to leave back to Mikkeli :( During this wonderful week I met couple old friends and new girl, Ceysu, from Turkey. She left two days before me and trust me, even if I didn't know her for long, I missed her! With some people you can try to talk for a year and you still feel shy, but others are very easy to talk to!

We spent most of the time swimming - or walking - in the lake. Water was so low that we could basically walk to the small island ahead of us. There we sat on the rocks and enjoyed the sun! And of course we had to wash our hair in the water. We took the shampoon and walked far where people wouldnt see us (they saw us anyway). And gotta admit my hair was as soft as if I had used balsam.

Me and my girl Yassu (Yasemin) cooked also cookies, which went to the mouth of her dad. Well they were pretty delicious so I won't blame him :(

We also did some shopping there. I bought: headphones 17.95€ (philips), Ballerina shoes 39€ (Bianco), T-shirt 3.22 (JC), Bracelet 2.95€ (H&M), Foot Lotion 14€ (Body shop), Tea Tree oil 6€ (Body Shop), Nailpolish 3€ (Depend)

More you will find out from the pictures below. Enjoy ;)

1. My trip started with a 3h 30min busdrive to the nother Finland. Candy was there to keep my happy.

2. I met Ceysu :) and of course Yassu! :D
 ... somebody knows how to take pictures.
3. Yassu gave me new nazar (the golden one)
 4. and we grilled.


 5. Shopping. With Yassu and Ceysu. And met Olga, Pihla and Andy!
 ... my Biancos

... Olga :)

... me and yassu:)

... Andy! (Antonina)
6. Who could resist cookies? ;)
... cookieman
7. Paparazzii

 7. Read some Harry Potter :D
 8. Slept with Yumus, Pumus and Mumus :)

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  1. luckily i'll see u today <3 otherwise i would miss U like hell! :D