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Do you wanna hear the story of this flower?
One day couple weeks ago me and my friend Yassu were walking out in the little city of Mikkeli. There was an older man near the road, somewhere in his forties. He had this blue old car. I was talking to Yassu when I noticed he is saying something and giving the flower to me. The man said: "I just got rejected by a woman, so now I want to give this flower to a woman who will accept it". Then he gave me the flower, smiled sadly and got into his old car.

When I realised what the man said I honestly started crying. :( It was so sad and coming from a totally random man. Still I could feel epathy towards him, so of course I accepted the rose and put it to the vase. 

So that was the story of a simple rose.



I found more photos! :D So these next photos are mostly from the week when Yassu was here. But first I'll let u know about today..

Have you heard that flour works as well as dry shampoo and hair powder? :P Well I did hear and I had to test it! So.. as disgusting as it sounds.. I put the flour to my hair and then brushed it away. And guess what? My hair was like just washed. Not dirty at all! And you may think that the flour stays in the hair, but actually it doesnt. So if you are too lazy or don't have money to buy dry shampoo, try the flour ;)

I also tried the egg-oil mask to my hair. I put some olive oil to the cup and only the yolk with the olive oil. Then I mixed them and put to my hair and waited 30 minutes. So did it actually work or not, I can't answer for sure. But at least now my hair looks more shiny than before. Lets see does it keep them in better condition :)

Today I'm alone at home. Others are in Jyväskylä. I had to eat alone so i wondered, why not make it look good and atmospheric. This is what it looked like:

And lets act as if I had ate that all..

The Yassu-days! 
Watching Memoirs of a Geisha

 ... im sure all of us would want to walk with these shoes.

 Eve :)
 and Iivo !
 We got free coffee. Thanks to the nice seller lady :)




Filippa. African Queen ;)

 Janika's leg with new cool tatoos!
 ... and my neck
 Me and Izzät!
 Janika and me



 Me and Olga :)

 I got the sweetest kiss on my cheek from Janika! :>
 Izzät the terrorist!

 my crazy cousin Elvisa


Happy autumn mates! ;D What do they say about autumn? - Rains all the time, Gets darker, School gets harder, you are tired all the time ... Yes I am negative person when it comes to autumn and winter. My normal autumn/winter days go like this: wake up, school, homework, computer, sleep.. And I get very tired and depressed and colthes and my look aren't in my priorities anymore.

This year I will make a change! I have a plan which will make my autumn look brighter :) So here is the shoplist:

  • Colorful bags

  •  Overknee socks! (and stockings)

  •  Colorful scarves! (I love scarves so I could start buying them?)

  • A lot of Jewellery!

 You like it? - I do! Nothing makes girl as happy as shopping! I only need to save at least the weekends for friends and forget the stress and school for a while! Positively to the colorful autumn ladies, we shall not let it kill us! :)

ps. the Day 2 will be probably posted during the weekend. I didn't forget about it ;)