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And the flea market project is done! Everything together costs 461,60€ :) But of course tables for 2 weeks is 60€ and it's not possible to sell everything! :D But lets pray that I'll get at least 200€ .
After struggling with clothes I went out to meet a friend :) We had a nice time doing basically nothing. I also wanted to coddle myself by eating delicious Daim-chocolatebar! God bless Sweden.

In the end of the day we went for a walk my sister Hermina and mommy and daddy :) It was a nice walk and I took a refreshing shower after it using Palmolives Mandel shampoo:) Oooh how I feel gooood now! Hopefully you all do ;)


  1. Ahh omgosh I love your blog (: I want that top!

    And what is this I hear about the flea market? What are you planning to sell?! :D Tell me the deets!

    I'm actually headed to a flea market this Sunday to check stuff out. Never thought about selling stuff there heheh.

    Thanks so much for visiting. Good luck!


    P.S. $25 giveaway to Apothica (an online cosmetics boutique) on my blog!

  2. Thank u for ur comment :) I actually do the opposite: i have never bought anything from flea market but im selling there! Though lets see if Ill now find something from there! And I'm mostly selling some old clothes or clothes that have got boring! :)

  3. Love the t-shits and the shorts!