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For you to know, who is not aware, my family has a long history with going each year to our lovely home to Balkan. Every year we pack in June and get on the roud in July all through the Europe to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. There we spend lovely holidays in our lovely countries. This year, however, didn't work out the same way as the 11 (or 12) previous summers. This year we stayed in Finland. And my homesickness is just getting worse and worse. I guess you'll find me insane in the end of the summer, living in a fantacy world thinking that I'm in Bosnia :D

Some photos of yesterdays outfit

Sorry, no idea why blogspot flipped my pictures like these next two but ..

 Luckily clothes and pictures make my holiday joyful! Today was a happy day :) I woke up too early, but somehow in very positive mood! I went out and my positive mood got even more positive. After spending time out and sitting on the computer checking my facebook I started to put prices on the flea market clothes that are left. For tomorrow I have only one huge IKEA bag left which is full of clothes,


Yes, I love my bracelet (H&M) and yes I love my bag (LINDEX) and yes I adore my shoes (Roberto Line, bought from Prijedor, Bosnia and Hercegovina). That bag is definitely my favorite! Unfortunately it has already broke down 5 times. :(

But I shoud so buy some sneakers. Today I had a great long walk with my sister Hermina. We walked all around our little city Mikkeli. And I regret that I didn't take camera. Everything looked perfect in the sunset. :)

Bye for today!

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