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Hello all :) I've been lazy to write here. So now I'll first tell you about wednesday and then about thursday! In monday happened really nothing more than I went to see the last Harry Potter in 3D :) Good movie it was + i cried.

In WEDNESDAY I was in a zoo :D Or at least it felt like I've been in a zoo. I was in my friends place who lives in the country side. I saw pretty many animals and ended up taking allergy pill even before we started. In the end of the day I saw some hedgehog babies with my sister Hermina. They were SO cute. Running immediately to our hands and not wanting to let us leave!

ps. I hate pigs.

THURSDAY I was cleaning the whole morning :o And at 15 I went to the beach with my sister Hermina :) We took pics and just layed in the sun trying to collect all the sunlight for next cold and dark winter. Later I saw my girls Kapu, Ellu, Kiia and Nypö (Katariina, Eliisa, Kiia and Noora). We had a picnic and ate all strawberries and grapes and cookies etcetc while listening some man playing his guitar and singing on the stage. Perfect summerday I would say :)



 Man behind was waiting there an hour for our bottle!
 ... this bottle

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