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what Gossip Girl has to say?

It's late already. I've been sitting home all day doing nothing useful. There was only 8 degrees outside and it was raining half of the day. My sisters are out of the city and of course dad is also. I had nice little chit chat with my mama about everything in the world. Anyways, not even that chit chat could last forever so thank God I got Gossip Girl with me!

I'm totally addicted to that series again. Yesterday I watched 4 episodes of the 3rd season and today I've watched 4 already and going to 5ths! :D How nolife that must sound! I'll maybe leave Gossip Girl for a while when sun decides to come back to the north. Then I'll be off to the beach again but now I'll continue with the mysterious gossips.

- xoxo Gossip Girl

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  1. Gossip girl is indeed an awesome tv show!
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