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Hello again! Third week of holiday has just begun and I'm already bored! Sun forgot Finland totally and bikinis are getting old in the closet. Today was the time to get my exams and grades so now i can finally feel the summer! Sleeping is a problem though :D I love to stay up late, but I'm the only one with holidays: I don't have my own room in my use so well now I'm in balcony so I wouldn't disturb any-one's sleeping.

So while having lonely time in balcony I ran into advertisement from ASOS. You don't have any clue what is that website doing to me. I can't see word ASOS without checking out what they have new today! So I went through some random things and wanna share them with you!

                    Suffer or enjoy.


  1. the jewellry is amazing love it! Asos is such a great shop I also have to shop there soon because I still have a gift voucher its just soo hard to decide what to get! Did you buy all of the things above?



  2. No I didn't YET at least ;) But I'm planning to buy at least my favorite ones!