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End of June already! Time goes past way too fast but at least sun came back to Finland! Juhannus (=midsummer day) is over and nights get dark again :( ! This is how winter starts. Right now I would normally be on my way to Bosnia or I would already be there! I would be out in some bar dancing to some new summer hits. Oh God how I miss that.

Today I spent some time on the beach and with friends of course. +25 doesn't feel so HOT anymore but sure it was warm enough. Gotta be honest I do miss those +40 degrees that I used to experience every normal summer. Hopefully again next year ... Enough of words though. Here are some new and old pictured mixed :D.


  1. TOLLANE MELONIJUTTU sit jurassic!:D

  2. Are u not coming to Bosnia this summer? Why noot :o :/

  3. It is a complicated story :D But mostly we just wanted to try how it is to spend the summer here.