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End of June already! Time goes past way too fast but at least sun came back to Finland! Juhannus (=midsummer day) is over and nights get dark again :( ! This is how winter starts. Right now I would normally be on my way to Bosnia or I would already be there! I would be out in some bar dancing to some new summer hits. Oh God how I miss that.

Today I spent some time on the beach and with friends of course. +25 doesn't feel so HOT anymore but sure it was warm enough. Gotta be honest I do miss those +40 degrees that I used to experience every normal summer. Hopefully again next year ... Enough of words though. Here are some new and old pictured mixed :D.



Hello again! Third week of holiday has just begun and I'm already bored! Sun forgot Finland totally and bikinis are getting old in the closet. Today was the time to get my exams and grades so now i can finally feel the summer! Sleeping is a problem though :D I love to stay up late, but I'm the only one with holidays: I don't have my own room in my use so well now I'm in balcony so I wouldn't disturb any-one's sleeping.

So while having lonely time in balcony I ran into advertisement from ASOS. You don't have any clue what is that website doing to me. I can't see word ASOS without checking out what they have new today! So I went through some random things and wanna share them with you!

                    Suffer or enjoy.


what Gossip Girl has to say?

It's late already. I've been sitting home all day doing nothing useful. There was only 8 degrees outside and it was raining half of the day. My sisters are out of the city and of course dad is also. I had nice little chit chat with my mama about everything in the world. Anyways, not even that chit chat could last forever so thank God I got Gossip Girl with me!

I'm totally addicted to that series again. Yesterday I watched 4 episodes of the 3rd season and today I've watched 4 already and going to 5ths! :D How nolife that must sound! I'll maybe leave Gossip Girl for a while when sun decides to come back to the north. Then I'll be off to the beach again but now I'll continue with the mysterious gossips.

- xoxo Gossip Girl



One week of summer holiday is behind us! I realized that I still get some "I won't have time to study"- moments in the evenings. Thank God I don't have to touch my books during those moments.

My week has passed with friends and beach. It has been +30 degrees whole week and now Finland got its payback: a heavy rain! Beach has been wonderful! I don't have enough color yet though. It's very hard to get any color here in north. If i don't use any sun cream, i burn. If i do, I won't get any tan :(

Yesterday I was on my friends birthday. It was a small party for 6 of us. We ate too much of sweets and sang singstar! We even tried to rap. My team won muahaha!  I knew I'm gonna be next 2pac or something :) Anyways. It's time for pictures! :)