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Haven't been writing here in a long long time! I've been pretty busy with all family things and school stuff. Now I'm taking some time from sleeping to get smething over here. Tomorrow is my mama's birthday! Haven't made a cake yet but I'll do it immediately I get off school! 4 weeks and school is over.. How fast did this year pass us again ?

Here are some pictures that have been taken two weeks ago! First of course I put pictures from my masquerade. Or birthday party..

Me and my girl Yasemin. Before the party!

Me, cousin Elvisa, sisters Hermina and (down) Elvira.

Present from my girls! Inside there was even a ferrari :D

Next day me and my girl decided to take some pictures! Or my sister wanted to capture our pretty faces on camera. We also went out since it was warm. 20 Degrees in April in FINLAND. Global warming. How could I be sad for that? :(


My new mug that I got from my girls. :) Ain't it sexy?

Now I'm off to sleep! Gotta wake up 8 hours. Good night all of you ;)

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