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Great/Bad day! I did my last exam which was physics and I am hoping that I passed it :P It was harder than I had expected but hopefully my brain was working correctly while the exam. And well good thing is that there is no need to spend all time studying now :P I went to hang with friends. We did a fatty pizza with chicken :) 

I came home already at 3. We went with mama to see dido (grandpa) in hospital.He was doing better than before and he was telling how he will go to Bosnia with my dad. My dad leaves today at 4 at night to Helsinki. In the morning is his flight to our lovely Bosnia and Herzegovina.I decided to made him a mudcake so he can eat something sweet before he leaves:) Plus chocolate makes us all feel much more better! It's like drug! But anyways he will stay there till Tuesday so I will be left here alone with mama. My sisters are both in another city having fun while im here :(

And I was having a pink night with everything lil bit pinkish :P Here are some for u to watch! Me myself will go to sleep till 3.30am. Then Ill hug dad and come back to sleep! Beautiful life is when u are sharing it with people u love ;)

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