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Dad is gone to Bosnia. Sisters are gone. So I'm left alone with my mama! We have been spending some time together. In the morning I decided to play daddy's role and made us coffee :) And of course some mud cake with it! Later we went shopping. Or more likely just walking to the stores. Mama bought herself new jacket. She looks 20 years younger in it ;) ! 

Later I made us coffee again! (I'm gonna end up caffeine addict these 4 days with mama) And of course some more cake. I didn't realise we will be the only ones to eat it now since everyone is gone. Haha. So me and mama will get fat..

And then I spent maybe 2 hours doing my nails with some weird water system o.o Now they are pretty but trust me it was hard at first! I will take a photo when I get the camera but right now it's in Bosnia with my daddy :)

At 21-22 we were in sauna :) Didn't talk much but it was still nice and freshing. My feet didn't want to work afterwards but they are getting slowly okay. Tomorrow maybe I could get a picture of my nails :) Hope they are good then still! Now I'll just lay and try not to fall asleep. Im soo tired !

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