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Start from scratch

I've been reading physics way too much today. Plus I didn't go for a walk like i promised myself. But at least I got my bikinis! Well I will return one of them because they didn't quite suite me :D . And I just ordered the masks for my birthday party but I'm not really sure will I get them.. The ordering was so weird: they just had an email where I had to send everything! Like we are living in stone age still!

The day has been weird and very ... numb. It's like everyone is sad but no one is really showing any emotions. But I gave my dad a huge hug. I know he is the one who feels worse even if he is the one who is smiling the widest. Like blocking emotions would help anything.

But to happier things then! I had to check some cute styles from . Here are some that I found :) Watch and enjoy!

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