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I had birthday yesterday (16.4). Mama made me a cake, and daddy bought lokum from Bosnia. I got cute presents! Gotta take pictures of them later on :) Anyways, pictures can tell much more than words so here are some pictures of my birthday!

My dido-Idriz :) 82-years old

Me and my sisters Hermina and Elvira! 

My daddy ! Smiling like always !

And photos from a video 2000. :D That's me there!

And of course my sister wanted to take some pictures of me yesterday. So here are many of them!



Dad is gone to Bosnia. Sisters are gone. So I'm left alone with my mama! We have been spending some time together. In the morning I decided to play daddy's role and made us coffee :) And of course some mud cake with it! Later we went shopping. Or more likely just walking to the stores. Mama bought herself new jacket. She looks 20 years younger in it ;) ! 

Later I made us coffee again! (I'm gonna end up caffeine addict these 4 days with mama) And of course some more cake. I didn't realise we will be the only ones to eat it now since everyone is gone. Haha. So me and mama will get fat..

And then I spent maybe 2 hours doing my nails with some weird water system o.o Now they are pretty but trust me it was hard at first! I will take a photo when I get the camera but right now it's in Bosnia with my daddy :)

At 21-22 we were in sauna :) Didn't talk much but it was still nice and freshing. My feet didn't want to work afterwards but they are getting slowly okay. Tomorrow maybe I could get a picture of my nails :) Hope they are good then still! Now I'll just lay and try not to fall asleep. Im soo tired !


Great/Bad day! I did my last exam which was physics and I am hoping that I passed it :P It was harder than I had expected but hopefully my brain was working correctly while the exam. And well good thing is that there is no need to spend all time studying now :P I went to hang with friends. We did a fatty pizza with chicken :) 

I came home already at 3. We went with mama to see dido (grandpa) in hospital.He was doing better than before and he was telling how he will go to Bosnia with my dad. My dad leaves today at 4 at night to Helsinki. In the morning is his flight to our lovely Bosnia and Herzegovina.I decided to made him a mudcake so he can eat something sweet before he leaves:) Plus chocolate makes us all feel much more better! It's like drug! But anyways he will stay there till Tuesday so I will be left here alone with mama. My sisters are both in another city having fun while im here :(

And I was having a pink night with everything lil bit pinkish :P Here are some for u to watch! Me myself will go to sleep till 3.30am. Then Ill hug dad and come back to sleep! Beautiful life is when u are sharing it with people u love ;)


Start from scratch

I've been reading physics way too much today. Plus I didn't go for a walk like i promised myself. But at least I got my bikinis! Well I will return one of them because they didn't quite suite me :D . And I just ordered the masks for my birthday party but I'm not really sure will I get them.. The ordering was so weird: they just had an email where I had to send everything! Like we are living in stone age still!

The day has been weird and very ... numb. It's like everyone is sad but no one is really showing any emotions. But I gave my dad a huge hug. I know he is the one who feels worse even if he is the one who is smiling the widest. Like blocking emotions would help anything.

But to happier things then! I had to check some cute styles from . Here are some that I found :) Watch and enjoy!


Everything good comes and goes. Babies get born and older people have to make room for those new creatures.Otherwise there wouldn't be enough space on earth.

We ain't always warned if God suddenly decides to take someone we love. At least I got a warning, i could say. At least I knew that this is coming. But still it feels like I couldn't prepare myself enough. It's still like a very bad surprise without a warning. 

Should have gone to see her in hospital more. Should have talked to her more. Should have got to know her better. So many should have's and nothing basically done.

R.I.P Nane - Granny. Our Sheki 



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