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Havent been here in a loooong time! I broke my computer and now I've been stealing computers from my sister, mom and dad. :) I'm always trying to see who is not using computer at the time and taking the chance always when it's possible! Now my sister went back home and I got her computer to my own use for a while.

I've been living boring life. I feel like partying but where are all the partys? :( I'll keep my own bd-party soon, but it's different. I have a feeling that it will end up to sitting and talkin, not partying.:D



And today was gina tricot day with everything bought from gina tricot.. Like always. God bless Sweden. God bless Gina Tricot.
 Ps. I fell in love with Mavala's Toulouse-nail polish. It's cute. Not too showing but just sweeet :> I've used it way too much during the week. Ahahah. Even my nails can't take it anymore. :D

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