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Everyone who knows me knows also that I have the worse hair ever! :) Today I sart my HAIR-project! It started with a rough haircut. 7cm off :) I got so many split ends first but now I can see couple of so called perfect hairs:) hih.


My second movement was to buy Priorin. It's made for bald people and many anorexic people eat it as well since their body ain't getting enough of vitamins from food. So I bought Priorin that I'will be eating for 3 months starting from today. I should have beautiful hair till summer :) I read that even after couple of days hair should look better but not before 3 months it would start growing faster. But luckily I have problems only with hair's condition and not with the balding! :>

And the fulltime-movements are eating more of things that hair needs. For example proteins and some nuts and seeds that have good fats :) And I will stop using straightener and hairdryer. Maybe one beautiful day I can discover my hair beautiful and healthy. R.I.P 7cm <3

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