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Last week I had holidays for a week and I just couldn't resist going to Joensuu to visit my bestfriend!:) I didn't even go shopping there but somehow i lost my 100 euros to things I can't remember buying.. I met new people there and spent really nice time. We even walked with friends to McDonalds which is located very far from the center. But who worries about the kilometres when there is food to wait for :D !
We also visited a flea market. There was pretty nice stuff with just couple of euros. But something said "Don't buy" in my head so I left there without anything :(. Though I captured a scary fish on my camera..

I also baked there a lot! First we baked pullia (buns) that didn't look like pullat. Later we baked a mudcake that was way too delicious. Me and my lovely Yassu are great bakers ;) The best part was that her sweet lovely cat Pamuk didn't respond to my love towards her. What can I do. I'll just continue loving her! :(

Second last day we went on the sledding hill and broke the sled.. I can't stop wondering how little kids can go to big hills without getting scared. I would have cried if it would have been any bigger..

Last day her dad and mama drove me back home. They came for a dinner to our place. My mom had made too much of good food and everyone left 50 kg fatter.:) How fun the life is.

 My little queen :)


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