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Snart är det dags för party! I've been checking out some masks and I found some veeery nice ones! I'll probably ask my sister to by one for me for bd present ahah;D So here are mychoices:


xoxo, Gossip Girl

Ahah.4 weeks till my bd-party and the theme has been chosen: Masquerade-party. Fancy dress and fancy mask ;) Can it get any better, eh? Idea was from my friend who obviously has been watching Gossip Girl way too much. But idea just rules! I hope it ends up successfully.

Im gonna make my dear mama make some Burek in Bosnian way. And maybe some Bosnian sweets like hurmasice. It would be just great! Now I can't wait anymore. 4 weeks is way too long time. And I gotta order a mask! Or make it myself.. 
Depressing day gotta admit. I got whole glass of water on me at school canteen. At the same time when my clothes got all wet like I had peed to my pants, also my food was swimming in the water. It didn't look like eatable food anymore. I explained my bad luck to myself with faith saying "Hey miss fatty fatty, you don't need no more food". 

Now I'm at home. I'm pretty bored and I should study. I would rather look some fatty-documents about people loosing weight. :( But exams are starting next week and me must study! I will light up some candles, put some swedish music and study :) How fine is that?

Dagens kläder:



Havent been here in a loooong time! I broke my computer and now I've been stealing computers from my sister, mom and dad. :) I'm always trying to see who is not using computer at the time and taking the chance always when it's possible! Now my sister went back home and I got her computer to my own use for a while.

I've been living boring life. I feel like partying but where are all the partys? :( I'll keep my own bd-party soon, but it's different. I have a feeling that it will end up to sitting and talkin, not partying.:D



And today was gina tricot day with everything bought from gina tricot.. Like always. God bless Sweden. God bless Gina Tricot.
 Ps. I fell in love with Mavala's Toulouse-nail polish. It's cute. Not too showing but just sweeet :> I've used it way too much during the week. Ahahah. Even my nails can't take it anymore. :D



Everyone who knows me knows also that I have the worse hair ever! :) Today I sart my HAIR-project! It started with a rough haircut. 7cm off :) I got so many split ends first but now I can see couple of so called perfect hairs:) hih.


My second movement was to buy Priorin. It's made for bald people and many anorexic people eat it as well since their body ain't getting enough of vitamins from food. So I bought Priorin that I'will be eating for 3 months starting from today. I should have beautiful hair till summer :) I read that even after couple of days hair should look better but not before 3 months it would start growing faster. But luckily I have problems only with hair's condition and not with the balding! :>

And the fulltime-movements are eating more of things that hair needs. For example proteins and some nuts and seeds that have good fats :) And I will stop using straightener and hairdryer. Maybe one beautiful day I can discover my hair beautiful and healthy. R.I.P 7cm <3


Last week I had holidays for a week and I just couldn't resist going to Joensuu to visit my bestfriend!:) I didn't even go shopping there but somehow i lost my 100 euros to things I can't remember buying.. I met new people there and spent really nice time. We even walked with friends to McDonalds which is located very far from the center. But who worries about the kilometres when there is food to wait for :D !
We also visited a flea market. There was pretty nice stuff with just couple of euros. But something said "Don't buy" in my head so I left there without anything :(. Though I captured a scary fish on my camera..

I also baked there a lot! First we baked pullia (buns) that didn't look like pullat. Later we baked a mudcake that was way too delicious. Me and my lovely Yassu are great bakers ;) The best part was that her sweet lovely cat Pamuk didn't respond to my love towards her. What can I do. I'll just continue loving her! :(

Second last day we went on the sledding hill and broke the sled.. I can't stop wondering how little kids can go to big hills without getting scared. I would have cried if it would have been any bigger..

Last day her dad and mama drove me back home. They came for a dinner to our place. My mom had made too much of good food and everyone left 50 kg fatter.:) How fun the life is.

 My little queen :)