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On the way to 2012

 Today we are going to spend lovely time with the people we love so that we can have them near us when 2012 starts. That's what I'm going to do also :) But now it's time to plan the future and make some New Year's promises that are going to come into effect on the 1st of January 2012 at 00:00 !

During 2012 I'm going to...

1. Give time to myself, my friends and my family. 2011 has been full of ups and downs especially with friendships so I promise to make 2012 better in this matter.

2. Get healthy by exercising more and eating better. My exercising habits have also had their ups and downs. Sometimes I exercise 7 times a week and then there are times when I don't do nothing for a month. And also my eating habits need some improvement. I'm usually eating food once or twice a day plus drinking cacao for breakfast (and sometimes for lunch).

3. Get a job. Because I'm going to be 18 soon and I still haven't got a job I thought getting a job is a MUST to do. Though I made an improvement by applying to those 3 places that I told you about earlier. So hopefully I'll get in and start getting some more money than I do now :) I'm not going to be lazy anymore! (yeah right..)

4. Read books. Since I haven't read many books this year, I'm planning to do it next year! I love books and I love reading them but it's hard for me to START it. I wish I could finish reading at least one book in Swedish which would help me with learning the language!

5. Blog a lot! I wish to improve my blog and make it more fun to read :) Which means I need to ...

6. Improve my shopping! Since I don't have a lot of money I can't shop so many things every month. I get what I get and I need to live with that :D So next year I'm going to shop more in the sales and less in no-sales... That means I could get more clothes with less money. And I'll take this back if I get the job and start earning money .. :D

7. Study more effectively! Next year will be very important for my future so I need to really pay attention to how I study and which grades I get so that means I must change my studying methods and start getting nice grades :P

8. Keep it tidy. To be honest my room is always a mess... I do keep it clean with vacuuming and so on but my things are never in place :D So this year I'll change and keep my room ALWAYS tidy! (riiiight...:D)

9. Be happy. Mostly I'll try to be happy. Of course there are times when everything seems bad and blabla but seriously you can usually do something about your sadness. It doesn't pay off to be sad about something that you can change. Though I admit, when you are sad about something it seems that it's not possible to be changed. That's why you need somebody to tell you what to do and somebody who will get you back on your feet!

10. Take care of my hair! 

 Happy New Year 2012 everyone! Take care of yourselves and your loved once. Smile to eachother's and give compliments! That works like magic :) Let's make this New Year easier for everyone!

And once again thank you all for this year 2011. Hope to have you next year also :) 



2011 is almost over. Tomorrow children go out with their parents to see the firework, youngsters go out with their friends to get so drunk that in stead of saying Happy New year they will say Happy birthday. And then there are people who are in love and they celebrate their New year with the person they love and kiss each others at 00.00 ... Tell me if I'm wrong but this is how it goes in my dear Finland :D

I collected some pictures over the year to show you. There are outfit photos but also some other things that came up this year. Though I noticed I didn't take much photos before my blog so my photos are mostly from March till today. Enjoy!

 These photos are from March till May. There are pictures of my birthday parties and my haircut day :) There is also a nice picture from my another birthday where my dad is smiling (like he always is) and my grandpa who died 6th of May.

 Summer was the hardest to do because there are SO MANY photos from summer and I wanted to post them all :( So this one is a bit messy but you can see the pictures just fine I think .. What should I tell about this one? Well there are some pictures of my visit to Joensuu to my bestfriend's home where I met my Yassu again and her turkish friend Ceysu. And then there are some simple outfit photos and some foods I like ;)

 These photos are taken during september and october. These are mostly outfit photos as you can see. Some of my favorites :)

And then there is November to December. Here are my favorit outfits that all seem sooo simple :D But I love them! There are also my favorite shoes I bought during this time and my dear cactus Ibrahim and his cousin Luitpold. Though Ibrahim and Luitpold photos are taken before November.. :D Don't let it bother u!

Thank you all for this passed year! I hope you all will have fun in new year and I hope 2012 will be much better than 2011! We deserve it! :)





Wohoo! What's up? :) I've had one of the best days in my life even if it's been REALLY simple. I didn't take any pictures though so every picture in this post is an old one.

When I woke up I didn't feel sick but my throat was really swollen :( It was like that yesterday already but now it feels worse ... I didn't let it bother me much though so I just went out to meet my friends. I saw my friend Nypö (Noora), who I've known for 11 years already. I spent 2-3 hours with her going around the sales. She bought some nice shirts and then we ended up sitting in McDonald's eating Cheeseburgers..

At 4pm me and Nypö went to see our friend Olga. We've known her for seven years now. She lives 300km away from us but visits this city sometimes. We had really much fun together! We were just going around the center talking and checking out the sales. It was nice to talk about the old days :) I also saw some other friends like Susu, Saara and Ira and also Robi, who lives in Helsinki nowadays. I couldn't believe that it's so nice to meet old friends who you haven't seen for a very long time :)

Me and Olga in Jurassic-festival in Mikkeli last Summer :) You can read more here and here!

And my Nypö maybe a month ago in the best conditory, Ramin konditoria, in the whole Finland! You can read more from here

Another good thing that happened to me was that I got a call from one of those places where I sent my job application to yesterday. They invited me to an interview on Monday at 12 am so wish me luck! :) And hopefully I'll also hear from those two other places I applied to so I can find the one that fits me the best!

Have a nice evening everyone. Remember to gather strength for the New Year ;)



Hello darlings! How are you doing? My day has passed by too fast. I woke up too late, had a refreshing shower and went out at 2.30 pm. By the time I got home the day was already over. I've been just sitting on computer and sending some job applications to different places. Hopefully I'll get an interview at least! Getting a job would mean I'd get more money and I'd get much more clothes! And I could start travelling some more.. I'd love to get out of this little city time to time. My best friend lives like 300km away from me and I can't even visit her! And going to bigger cities in Finland, like Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä and Tampere, would be just awesome!

But anyways here I have (probably) the last ginger bread photo this year before next Christmas and I'm also going to tell you more about our small cousin-night 25th of December.

Cute ginger breads, eh? My sister Hermina baked them and we all three (Me, Hermina and Elvira) decorated them afterwards :) We should have made house of these pieces but they are still laying there and waiting for some laziness to stop :D

And this was our christmas... Me cleaning my and my sister's shoes and my sister taking pictures of our cousin's weird socks :D Their dogs, Dolche and Lilli, were jumping on us from the time we came in till the second we got out. They are really cute but unfortunately I dont have any photos of them now :( We watched with Elma, Elvisa and Elvis, and their mom Olga, some movies from tv and ate a lot and talked a lot. There is nothing better but cousin-nights :) You can talk about EVERYTHING since the other person knows your whole history and you can trust them 100% . How lovely :) It's nice that even some of my relatives live close even though Elma already lives in another city but we will always find each other's on our visits to Mikkeli.

These first two pictures I took yesterday. My sister Elvira curled my hair with iron. I've always thought I can't curl it with iron because my hair quality sucks but now I finally don't have any excuses but I just need to practise curling! :D Let's just hope that my hair can take the iron without getting killed..

 And here is what I looked like today wearing my gina tricot shirt and the Sceleton Zack from

Now I'm going to sleep and tomorrow I'm meeting first my friend Nypö and then my other friend who lives 300km away from me, Olzu :) Good night everybody!

ps. I'm sorry for my spelling mistakes, I'm really really tired! :D




27th of December

GUESS WHAT! My beautiful, the most perfect dress arrived! The one that I'm going to use on 17th of February! ;)  And the one that you aren't going to see before that date! HAHA! Only thing that I'm going to tell you is that it's not the color I ordered but it's prettier that the color I ordered and it's just incredibly awesome!

And while you were celebrating Christmas I made my blog a new look. What do you think about it? :) I think that it looks like it's summer already but hey, who doesn't like summer? And I do admit I'm already waiting for it like crazy! I'm always living the summer time.. :D

And guess what else? My daddy has his 50th birthday today :) So everyone is at home and we made him these cakes and blabla yesterday and today we just enjoy the day :) Soon I'm going back to the living room (I'm now in my own room playing a DJ) to have some more family time :)

I hope you all had a great Christmas! But don't get lazy yet: New year is just around the corner! It's time to start making the New Year's promices and start obeying them on 1st of January 2012! 
What are your plans for the New year 2012? 




 Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it :) My family doesn't celebrate Christmas but we have our own traditions for these days. My sisters and I usually visit our cousins, Elma, Elvisa and Elvis, for the christmas day and that's what we are going to do tomorrow also :) Today I'm going to eat some good food and ginger breads, that I made yesterday, and enjoy the snow. Not by going out of course but by watching Disney movies whole day with cup of hot chocolate and by staring out ofthe window. How lovely!

Here are some of the ginger breads I made. I decided to give everyone their first letter of their name. I also decided to bake 2012 for New Year's sake! Do you like my cookies? :) I was going to decorate them but I didn't have that decorating thing :(

Since I don't get presents from others, I ordered one for myself ;) And they arrived yesterday evening and they are perfect! These shoes are from! Pretty or pretty?

I hope you all have nice holidays! Remember to relax and eat a lot and spend some time with your family :)





I've had an incredible Gossip Girl Thursday! I've watched 3 or 4 episodes in my bed with cup of hot chocolate! But no worries, gossips keep me full! I'm watching the 5th season now and it's INCREDIBLE! Its weird how everyone gets a new image on this season. I don't know have you people watched it yet so I don't want to put some big secrets here. I'm just going to tell you that Gossip girl remains as the best serie ever even after making 5 seasons! It's amazing I must say. And I'm just falling in love with every character, no matter the scheming ;)

But HALLO back to the real world... As if it could be as interesting as the series are :D But my day was interesting enough to make me happy. I woke up too early, when my best friend Yassu smsed me that se is coming with her mom and dad to Mikkeli to visit MEEEEEEE! <3 Well that wasn't enough to get me up before 9 am so I just conitnued sleeping and woke up when I realised i have two more smses waiting from her... :D

 They arrived here at 13 if I remember right. We went to this nice place, called Ramin konditoria, to eat with her parents. Although one mudcake wasn't enough to stop us from having a hysterical moment after seeing an unpleasant person... Well but life must go on and sadly so did she.... After two hours they left the city :( We didn't take any pictures (or we did with her camera but they ended up looking.. horrible) so these pictures are rather old. But ain't we cute?

Some more good news is that my dress arrived to Finland today :) I must call the post tomorrow to give the final address. I'm hoping to get it very very soon! Now I need to get the purse and the jewellery for the night and then I'll be ready. Oh my God I can't wait for 17th of February! Someone speed up the time!

I hope you have had a wonderful week by now and will enjoy your weekends :) It's Christmas soon so remember to be happy and smiley and nice to people around you. At this time of year you shouldn't try to copy Gossip Girl :D





Hello :) It's Wednesday and guess what... MY HOLIDAYS STARTED! Though I have no idea what I'm going to do. I've watched Gossip Girl lately so guess that is my plan :D And I'm going to see my cousins during Christmas. So guess that is all :P Tomorrow I'll meet my best friend for couple hours I guess. She is now in Helsinki and they will drive through Mikkeli on their way home :) So that is nice. I miss her really much!

Though today I got a friend in my post :) Meet my friend Zack Zinc! He tried to pose nice but he just looks embarrassed and too thin... :D (and yes unfortunately I have my way to name everything that isn't alive and act like they are alive... So sorry if this sounds a bit weird for u haha)

Today I had this very simple outfit. I was wearing my veryveryvery old shirt that I found from my closet again. I bought it maybe 4-5 years ago and it's still wearable! Though there has been couple years of not using it at all and I almost sold it last summer though I'm happy I didnt.
I wasn't at school really today, I went only to the dance practise and it was really fun :) We learned the hardest dance of them all and danced it couple times! I liked it :)

Oh and my lovely dress for the 17th of February is on its way. It was still in China on Monday and now it's already in Germany :) So I'm expecting it to be here next week! I really wish to get it soon so that I can try it on and buy some other things for it too! And I can't rest before I have seen with my own eyes that the dress is just like I pictured it in my mind..

So that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed it :) Good night everyone and have a nice holiday (if you have holidays now)! And for those who don't have holidays...... HAAHAA! :P





 Are you interested in getting some free shoes? ;) Then klick HERE and press "Get started for free" ! Invite your friends in facebook, twitter, blog or email! If you get 3 people to Sole society, you get 1 pair of shoes for FREE ;) And 6 means 2 pars of shoes and so on... So you should try to get all your friends to sole society! :) So go ahead and klick the link above, since I know you are as crazy about the shoes as I am! We can never get enough of them.. .D

Here are some of my favorite shoes from Sole society :) Enjoy!





Yo! Here I am making you hungry again :) Sorry mates ♥ . But as I told you in my last post (that you can see here) I went to eat with my friends in the evening. We were in a restaurant called Huviretki. I've been there couple times before and this time surprised me pretty negatively. 

We had reserved a table there for five people. Well we got into the restaurant and since they usually take you to the table that you've reserved, we got really surprised when the woman just showed with her finger and said "It's there up in the corner". Well that wasn't so big problem for me but it was weird. Second thing was waiting for the service. It took at least 30 mintues that we got service. It was so stupid to sit there and wait and wait and wait. Oh and we didn't even have enough chairs but I stole one from the side. It was a random chair since it wasn't even the same as the others in the restaurant. 

And that wasn't all. In that restaurant they always bring you bread while you are waiting for your food. And they forgot even that :D In the end they brought us bread after bringing our food... :D 

Another funny thing happened while ordering desserts. My friend Kiia couldn't decide what she should take. She was thinking between choclate cake and something else (can't remember what it was.) So of course a waitress should try to sell the menu but in stead she said "You should take the chocolate cake. That other thing tastes really bad!" Well that it good for the customer of course but for the restaurant it isn't so good.. :D 

And in the end we didn't even get byes :(  Though the food tasted delicious and so did the dessert :) In my food there was chicken with delicious redwine-sauce, potatos and vegetables :) It was YUMMY! And my dessert was a caramel icecream with chocolate sauce :) That chocolate sauce was delicious but way too sweet! So I didn't eat it much at all :D

Huh but it's late already. I'll go eat and then study some math. I'm having a math exam in Monday and I'm really hoping it will pass well! And next week I'll get my sceleton necklace that I ordered last week :) You can see it here! Happy weekend everyone!





FIRST I'll make you hungry again because it's my 100th post! :) I know you all love when I put pictures of delicious food. And this isn't all. I'm soon going with my friends to eat to a nice restaurant near here. And I promise to take nice pictures of the food I'm eating and post them to you VERY SOON ;)

SECOND I'll show you my outfit :) It's veryvery comfortable and normal :D I didn't feel like putting anything special on me. Just these comfortable jeans (Gina Tricot), top (Gina Tricot) and this bolero (Gina tricot). Gina Tricot day, here I come again!

 THIRD I'm going to brag you about my shoes again :) And then tell you what I've done today.. I was at school today for couple hours that felt like forever. I had dance practice again and it was really fun :) That teacher even came to say to me and my dancepair that we dance really good! So guess it isn't going as bad as I thought it is :DAfter school I came home and ate that delicious thing and then I went to do some lingerie shopping.

Aren't they pretty? ;)
Happy weekend everyone :) Trevligt veckoslut!