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Hallo, wie geht's? So that is how much I know German by now so I keep repeating those words to everybody just to sound like I know something. No actually I've been here for about a month now and I think my brain is finally shutting down. The first day at Uni I found out that there are two people from Finland (yey, I can continue talking finnish!) and that there are three girls from Croatia (yey, I can speak bosnian!). So now every single day I'm using bosnian, finnish, english and german. And I just can't. I find myself speaking bosnian to finnish people and finnish to croatians. And I've found a new way of asking "What?". Like what is the point of just saying what with one single language when you can add three words from three languages together like "WasMitäŠta?" (Was = german, Mitä = finnish Šta = bosnian) I've found  myself using that beautiful combined word of WasMitäŠta five times already and for some reason no one actually understands what I said. Seriously, three languages and you still don't get it 😇.

Okay so the stressing and panicing about being in a new, dirty place is over. I actually love this place now and everything that it has brought. This apartment were I live is starting to feel okay. I love the fact I have a terrace so I can sit outside while drinking coffee. And yes I do that even if it's raining. And I finally found some rhythm to my days. First days everything was so slow. Like I mean I couldn't even go to shower without thinking for 10 minutes what do I actually need to take with me so that I can shower. And since I had arranged my things logically, I couldn't find anything I needed. You know when you put something somewhere and then you forget where you put it. Yeah, that happens to me all the time. I think it would work better if I just left everything everywhere around my room. At least I could accidentaly step on the thing I'm looking for and find it that way. I need to try this tactic, it sounds great already. 


So I was part of an Intesive German course. They devided us to several groups according to our knowledge of German. But luckily we still did stuff together. Sometimes we had evening programs or took a trip somewhere. For example once we were on a tour in Heidelberg and next then in Ulm. And of course we go to the same parties. There are actually too many parties going on I think I didn't party this much even when I was 18. But we are still breathing! Anyway I can't complain I mean I love to dance so there is always a good reason to join a party!

So Heidelberg; small and so so süß (cute, you see I'm making you learn German). So these buildings were super cool with so many details on them. And the history was also cool but since I have the worst memory ever, I can't remember it so use Wikipedia, not me. So there we had this paid tour around the city and castle area. After that we had couple hours for ourselves so the first thing was to go to eat. And well since my friend from Finland, Tanja, was a student in Heidelberg, of course I had to meet her as well 😊. It was so nice to see a familiar face and at the same time so weird! Like you have a world where you live in Finland and you have another world here and it feels so strange when those two worlds are combined to one. It just didn't make any sense in my head.


Couple days after Heidelberg trip we visited a sparkling wine factory called Kessler. So the place was pretty cool but the coolest part was the tasting. So we tried one Riesling, one something and one Rose. Rosé is not my thing but I was really wishing I could give it another chance if I tasted some good Rosé. But sorry Kessler, I still hate Rosé. Although I did buy one bottle of Riesling, yum! 

So food is something I love to talk about since well, dah, nutritionist here, hello! So I was pretty excited of our Internation Dinner event. All of us in Erasmus joined together and every country was supposed to make some food or baking. So the Finnish team picked Korvapuustit a.k.a cinnamon rolls/buns. So anyway there was food or some sweet stuff from way too many countries and I just tried my best to taste it all and everything was delicious! After eating we had time to introduce something from our country. So we were dancing macarena all together, there was this amazing girl singing us a song in Korean, we tried to pronounce Polish and we danced a Lebanese dance. The Finnish group decided to get everyone singing. So we sang one sitsi - song. Sitsit is a University tradition that is originally from Sweden. So we basically sit together, sing drinking songs and drink. So we had this very complicated song in swedish:

 Vi ska dricka hela natten alkohol, (We are gna drink aclohol the whole night)
Vi ska dricka hela natten alkohol,
Vi ska dricka hela natten (we are gna drink all night)
Vi ska inte dricka vatten, (We will not drink water)
Vi ska dricka hela natten alkohol!

Complicated, eh? So everyone was singing with us and drumming the table with their hands like we do in finnish sitsit. In the end we broke only one glass and we shouted SKÅL! which means cheers in swedish and therefore means you need to drink. And yes, we adviced everyone to get a bottle of something before we strated. We are considerate.

So that's about it. Now I'm trying to calm myself down a little bit and really concentrate on German. I'm not sure if the language is learnable but gotta give it a chance. Now I'm just listening to german rap so at least I'll learn some new nasty words. Useful. And hopefully soon You'll get a new post about Ulm and Mercedes Museum and all the other stuff that is jumping through my head! Too much is happening and I¨'m really bad in blogging ..

- Bina


First days in Hohenheim

My first days in Stuttgart, or Hohenheim to be exact, are now behind me. And guess what, I'm still alive! Somone said it's gon' be easy but for me everything is a challenge. I think in one way I have got used to having everything so easy. Or maybe it's something we all have since everything is easy if you are used to it. In a new place even making dinner is a challenge.
So I came here on Friday around 3 p.m. That is when I realized I actually have to share my apartment with other people. Seriously, four other people, one toilet, one bathroom and one kitchen. And I thought living with my sister was tight.. So first thing I did I tried to find the food store. And for some reason my google maps got crazy at the same point of the road each time I passed it.. But I found the store, yippee I didnt have to starve. How hard can it be to find a place that is only 1 km away from you, honestly? 

Now these first days I've felt like a cinderella. Although I do love cleaning so this works for me just fine. And what else would I do here? But this apartment looks like no one has ever cleaned it. Even the microwave took me almost 30 minutes; you can imagine the amount of dirt. And there are still some nasty places left. But I'm starting to feel content. If my landlord is reading this, You should be paying me for staying here and not other way around 😇. 

The second day I didn't want to get out of bed so I wouldn't have to face the day. It actually felt really depressing and I had zero motivation. All I wanted is to sleep or watch Netflix and think I am still at home in Finland. So I slept, for 13 hours (oh yes), before I surrendered to my fate and got up. And even if I thought it would be way too hard to find the Ikea and I imagined hundreds of reasons not to go there I found out that things usually work out just fine. And I felt so smart since I took an empty suitcase with me and filled it up with Ikea stuff. So much easier to carry than in some Ikea bags pff.

Now when I think about it everything I stress about is kind of nonsense. It's not like I'm abroad for the first time nor in Germany. But still everything seems so much more difficult over here. The worst thing is to actually know what you should do each day. Maybe it would work better if I had a plan for each day, like a written timetable or something. This way I stay in bed for hours just because I can. 

Now Sunday, the devil. I was sooo happy to wake up in the morning. Put my make up on, took my backpack and headed for the food store just to find out that everything is closed on Sundays. Now I wonder how does any country work with being closed on Sundays? Doesn't it leave its mark on the economy at least. And I do love food shopping on Sundays, it's my food shopping day. But no, German law doesn't let me continue this tradition so I decided to starve for today. Lucky I had some bread and yoghurt in the fridge.

Since the food store was closed I decided to take a walk around my new neighbourhood. I closed the Google Maps for a moment and started just walking around. So I found the University area and the place where I am supposed to go tomorrow. And I found the Hohenheim Palace that by Wikipedia was built in 1818. So I sat there enjoying the sun and then headed back to my apartment. It was pretty exciting to see fields around the University area. I've been pretty bored with normal city view so this is a really nice change. I think I'll find myself wandering around the fields frequently 😸. The true country girl has awaken!



Vappu. That's a finnish name for Mayday/1st of May. The fun thing is that in Finland 1st of May is celebrated 30th of April since who wouldn't want to steal one extra day for celebration? Actually everything in Finland is celebrated one day in advance. We call it the Eve-culture. With this Eve-culture you can celebrate as hard as you want and then have this communal hangover experiences the day that the rest of the world is celebrating. I think this is pretty awesome.  

30th of April

So what happens in finnish Vappu? I'll tell you about my experience. So on the Vappu-eve, 30/4 I woke up early. I had to have as many colors on me as possible so the make up was really important. So flashy make up and glitter nails are a MUST. Plus if you are daring you can also color your hair to various of colors. Pink and blue with an addition of some glitter is a good combination of hair coloring.

At 12 am. (And I was late) I went to my friends place. Her boyfriend offered me a home made beer from a wine glass. That started my day just fine. After a drink we headed to our University. At Uni we have our own rooms for each Faculty/Main subject. So we from the Clinical Nutrition have our own room as well. And that is where the party started. Music was on and the room as well as the corridor in front of it was full of people in green overalls. We had delicious food and free drinks offered to us. So what else do you need for a party? 

Getting to know new people gets pretty easy at Vappu. Everyone is happy and ready for small talk and that is amazing since Finns usually avoid small talk. So when it is time for Vappu, we drink, sing and fool around. All in our small room at Uni.

Time flied pass really quick. That meant heading to the center to see a statue cleaned. After the royal cleaning of the statue, it recieves a graduation cap. After that, around 6 pm., all of us place our white (or yellow if it has seen many parties) graduation caps on our heads and drink a toast of sparkling wine. This is a very important tradition that we do every single year.

 Caps on our heads and drinks in our hands it was time to start the evening. We headed to somebodys apartment for a before-party. Beer-pong, music and more unknown faces that you have to get acquainted with. And by the way we won at beer pong. And to us it was wine-pong. 

 After wineponging it was time to continue our journy. So our legs carried us one kilometer further to another apartment.  Again new people and good, tasty red wine. When the bottle was empty we headed to my apartment to get some more and then took a taxi to the last party place that was mostly for Medicine students. The place was full so dancing was a challenge.

When the body was tired and mind half asleep, it was time to go home. 3 am.

1. May 

The next day was all about gathering to heal our wounds from the night before. I drank my coffee and ate some cookies and headed out to enjoy the sunny day, with the white graduation cap still on my head. I met my sister and her friends in the center where some people from last night were all saying Hello to me but I just couldn't recognise them. I waved back as if I knew them and carried on. We sat down to enjoy coffee on a terrace cafe, bought some candy and drank Sima . Sima is a traditional drink you have to enjoy during Vappu. It's a bit too sweet for my taste but once a year won't kill anyone. Afterwards we had a little walk around a pretty lake where I stayed with friends from Uni. Picnic is a thing that people do around Europe for Mayday so we do it as well. Picnic or healing wounds.. Whatever you want to call it. 

- Bina


Vienna to Praha

18th Dec 2016 -  3rd Jan 2017

 Vienna, Austria 

Oo oo it's time for travel post guys! I don't know about you but they are my own personal favorite. Not because there are waaay to many photos to go through but because, well, let's face it; We love traveling.

So I think winter holidays are the best time to go abroud. Why? Well because it's freaking cold and dark in Finland. Literally the sun never gets up. When it does, it's freeeezing so you can't possibly go out to see the sun. Plus it lasts like couple hours or so?
I think it's totally lunatic to stay in Finland during this horribly hard and dark times. (a great excuse to go a little souther)

 Prague, Czech Republic
 Vienna, Austria
So my "south" this year was Austria and Czech Republic. In Austria I visited Vienna of course, since my sister moved there. And I kind of know the place already, it's actually starting to feel like home for some damn reason. Not that I need more new homes, I think I have way too many already. Let's count: 1. Kozarac; my parents' birth place and my so called "home town". Fckn great place actually. 2. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is because I practically live there during summertime. 3. Mikkeli, my birthplace. Obviously I visit there almost every weekend 'coz of friends and family. 4. Kuopio, I'm still making this city my home but at least my apartment is my home. It's way too small but damn it's cozy!
So the conclusion of all this is; I don't need a new home.

Vienna, Austria 

  Vienna, Austria - Hundertwasserhaus

Vienna, Austria - Kunsthistorische museum

 Yeah it's beautiful. Schloss Schönbrunn, Hundertwasserhaus, Prater, Stefansplatz, Kunsthistorisches Museum.. All these place I can recommend. And of course the shopping abilities are just awesome. I might have bought cosmetics for the whole year since they are basically free in Austria. At least compared to how much I would spend in Finland. And the christmas markets that were everywhere. 

Last time I was in Vienna I didn't spend much time in museums and such so I did it this time. Kunsthistorische museum I can recommend to everyone. It's huge and really fascinating things in there from really old times. Everything comes with a story. 

My favorite piece of were these three sculptures about a woman and her lifesycle. From young teenage girl to pregnant and to old. Very realistic and beautiful. A human body is a beautiful thing. More beautiful when it's showed as it is in reality. All those way too beautiful pictures where everything is photoshopped to look exactly the same as in every other picture you see, are getting so boring. Let us see the ugly truth that isn't really ugly but beautiful

Prague, Czech Republic

This was my first time in Czech Republic and Prague. FIrst time if we don't count the time when I was just a child, since I sure don't remember it. I actually didn't even know I've been there before my sister told me that I have. So guess it doesn't count. 

Prague became my favorite place the second I got out of the bus that took us from Vienna to Prague. I don't think I can even explain to you how beutiful it is. It's a romantic city. Somehow it's dark with all those dark colored buildings and scary torture museums. I literally saw several torture museums and the one that stuck in my mind was "Medieval torture instrument museum". I didn't enter them though because I think i'm way too "chicken" for that. But when I visit Prague next time I'll try to be brave. And with all this darkness there was also art. All over the place you see old sculptures and the most talented buskers; street-music-players. I heard this young person singing with a loud voice the most beutiful songs and some old man playing a harp. And you just can not to stop and stare. Usually people who play or sing on the streets aren't THAT talented. It's unbelievable. 

Thank you for reading and you deserve a chocolate bar if you made it this far 👏 . Now I think it's enough of winter already and we should start prepare for spring and summer since it's comiiin! My plans are to spend them in my hometown; Mikkeli. And probably I'll try to visit other hometowns like Kozarac and Sarajevo. I am also planning an Erasmus+ exchange year in Stuttgart, University of Hohenheim. Now I just have to send my application and wish really really hard that they will pick me. If not, I won't let them forget me and apply again next year. They just have to give in if I try over and over again, right? So thumbs up and fingers crossed that I will be accepted. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

- Bina